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KINDLE International Payments

Purchasing ebooks were a challenge for Kindle books in China and India. Issues were that redirecting to a bank site during purchase to conclude book purchase, missing ability to pay with gift card, also to add extra money to gift card balance (top up) and finally to allow users to purchase a book using a credit card but does not require an address like we do in the US. Chinese customers are not accustomed to entering a billing address on any websites. 

Features & Workflows

Created a system that used gift cards and credit cards as the seamless way to purchase books, an easy way to add to those gift card balances to avoid the credit card bank redirects. This needed to work on all Kindle devices such as desktop, mobile, tablet and Paperwhite. Finally reduce the amount of clicks to finalize a book purchase.

Original Workflow

Use cases

The use cases that needed to be accounted for included credit card flow, redeem with a gift card, top up a gift card, redirect to external payment system (Alipay), error states, success states, no payment selected, yes payment selected.

Workflows and Deliverables to Stakeholders and Engineering Teams


During the design process we explored many workflows to improve the experience. There was considerable time to sync the varying types of devices and workflows and coordinating with multiple engineering teams and product managers. Applying the newest Amazon/Kindle style guide aligned with other products in the Kindle Family.

Kindle China Mobile Book Store Purchase Workflow

Kindle China Mobile Book Store Purchase Workflow

Kindle India Desktop Book Store Purchase Workflow

Kindle India Paperwhite Device Book Store Purchase Workflow

Usability Sessions in China

This usability study was designed to understand and measure the Chinese user experience of the Kindle Store’s various payments flows. We conducted 60-minute tests with 12 participants. The study provided task-based, observational usability data as well as measures of satisfaction and ease of use. I created the protoypes for the test then we traveled to Beijing, China to observe the sessions with the third party UX testing group GFK.

Chinese Users Being Tested

Notes for Usability Sessions

Usability Results

The usability test focused on high priority and low priority issues to address. Confirmation was important after “Buy now” was clicked so users had a trust to move to the next step. Also recommended was to emphasize the default payment that was selected.

Overview Document Created by GFK

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